Surrendering Your Dane

We accept purebred Danes from all sources. At times we will allow a mixed breed Dane if there is room. If you are a shelter, all breed rescue, animal control or individual we will accept the dog.

Owner surrenders are especially difficult and emotional for the owner and we understand that. There are many reasons for surrendering your Dane. The reason is not important to us. What is important is the fact that you care enough about your Dane to place it with us. We screen our applicants very thoroughly to insure your Dane will find the best home to accommodate its needs.

We can not accept Danes that are aggressive to other animals or humans or ill beyond reasonable help. All the Danes we accept go into foster homes where there may be other dogs, cats, and children. We can not put anyone in danger. If your Dane is aggressive, has ever bitten a human or attacked another animal you must decide what would be best for all concerned. The same applies to ill Danes. Is the Dane near the end stage of its life? What would be the best for this dog, not taking your emotions into consideration? Please do not contact us for a dog in which should be put down rather than sent to rescue for one of the volunteers to perform this process. Your beloved dog should leave this life with those that love him, not in the arms of a loving but still yet stranger.

Please contact for surrenders.  The information will be distributed to the appropriate areas.

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